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Looking for a house? What type of buyer are you?

Written by Matthew Cooney

1) The first type of house buyer is extremely motivated and is in a hurry to buy something.  This includes people who have been transferred for work and need to get into a new home quickly.  This also includes people who sold their own home and have nowhere to live yet.  Short term hotel or rental living is not usually an ideal scenario for these people.

2) The second group is slightly less motivated because they don’t have specific time constraints.  This group is serious about buying but have time to make sure they find the right fit for their next house.  This group includes first-time buyers and families that have outgrown their current space.

3) A third group of buyers earn their living from buying homes.  They include investors and house flippers.  It is crucial for their bottom line to get the best deal so they are always in search of an under-priced house and are known to put in low ball offers.  They are in the unique situation that they have access to capital to renovate run down houses and then “re-position the asset” on the market.

4) Finally, the last group of “active” buyers are curiosity seekers.  They tend to go to a lot of open houses and usually follow the real estate market closely online.  Most people in this group have not gone through the formal pre-qualification process so they are unsure what type of property they could afford if they decided to buy.

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